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NTN Conference - Highlighting Trauma Education

NTN are excited to have the annual conference return with a schowcase of trauma training across the specialities.  The sold out event will highlight the amazing work of colleagues from the region.

A programme for the day can be viewed here, if you are attending the event you will be given a copy at registration.

Please view posters submitted by colleagues from the network below, and using and the event code #2118310 vote for the poster you think has made the most impact.  There will be a prize for the poster with the most votes

Poster 1 - Resuscitative thoracotomy

Poster 2 - Fragility Fracture Day

Poster 3 - NuKIT

Poster 4 - Overnight Trauma

Poster 5 - Code Red

Poster 6 - HOT Retrieval

Poster 7 - Resuscitative Thoracotomy QE

Poster 8 - NLETS

Poster 9 - Blunt Chest Trauma Management

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The three overlapping phases (pre-hospital, in-hospital and rehabilitation) of a patient’s journey require organisation so that patients are treated at the time and the place that most benefits them. Northern Trauma Network provides this.

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